Day 278 – Melvin The Cat – Short Story

With a slash of his tail, and a flick of each ear, Melvin the cat, showed no fear.

He leapt from the tool shed, onto the ground, he sneakily snuck, not making a sound.

He peered through windows, he sniffed under doors, he scratched at the board, that made up the floors.

When he was sure it was safe, and no one was around, he leapt through the cat flap, to see what could be found.

With a purposeful step, he made his way in, shooting though the hallway, and hiding behind a bin.

Suddenly there was a rush, a storming of feet, the family were racing, it was too late to retreat.

But as the minutes passed, and the commotion calmed down, Melvin the cat, courage he had found.

Proudly he pounced, with one aim in hand, to get to his prize, to take that leg of ham.

He jumped on the counter, and grabbed it with glee, but Mum gripped him tightly, for the whole family to see.

He yowled and he hissed, he spat and he clawed, but Mum held him firmly, and thrust him out the door.

All fours did he land, with a thunderous thump, he scampered away, and leapt to the fence with a jump.

He spied through the window, and made a new plan,

for this night was not over,






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  1. I should be writing my story for this week, but I find myself reading this piece of art! Amazing writing.

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    1. Thanks so much, it’s funny what a bit of off the wall inspiration can do 👍

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    1. James, you would not believe what he gets up to.


    1. Melvin is a jerk, it’s true, but, so are most cat’s Hahah!

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      1. jac forsyth says:

        They are!!! And why does it feel like such a damn honour when they sit on you?

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      2. Because we all want to tame the untameable, we all want to be heir to the throne, and those bloody jerks are so damn uppity, royal snobs.

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      3. jac forsyth says:

        Ah, that’s true enough. Now, where did I leave my tiara?

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    1. Thanks so much, my three year old and our pet cat Melvin is responsible for the inspiration behind this one.

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      1. oglach says:

        It’s a great thing for a kid to have a story/poem like that that their own dad wrote.

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      2. Haha, I used to make up stories a lot for my wife when she was pregnant, they are more child like than my normal stuff, I always find kids stories more fun, playing with the idea of them. I might try putting pictures to it one day.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. oglach says:

        That’s a great idea. Maybe Yazgar could help.

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