Short Story

Day 279 – Blustering Blizzards – Short Story

It was rainy and damp, it was shakily cold, when Stella the dog, saw a sight to behold.

Twas Melvin the cat, who’d sneakily snuck, under the covers, in the back of a truck.

She howled and she hollered, she called him by name, but Melvin the cat, the spot he did claim.

He flicked out his claws, and tore his way in, while Stella the dog, continued to sing.

She sung to the family, with a bark and a howl, she sung to Dad, who let out a growl.

She dropped to the floor, and rolled on her back, she wriggled and wriggled, her way up the mat.

Then once she was sure, she was far enough away, she leapt to her feet, and continued to say.

Melvin the cat, had sneakily snuck, he was hiding from the rain, in the back of a truck.

Mum came out, Laney did too, while she sung them her song, about Melvin the cat, and what he did wrong.

Mum rushed to the door, and called out in vain, then she caught sight of Melvin, hiding in the truck from the rain.

She called out to Dad, and he came running to see, then he growled and moaned, as he banged his right knee.

Mum tried not to laugh, as Dad fell to the floor, and it was then that she noticed, the truck driver slam his door.

Mum ran out, and Stella did to, and they told the driver, what they had to do.

Then quick as a flash, the tarp was pulled back, and Melvin jumped up, ready to attack.

But Stella the dog, she let out a howl, and  Melvin the cat, ran away with a scowl.

Then Mum thanked the driver, and rushed back inside, leaving Melvin the cat, with no where to hide.

While Stella the dog, went back to her bed, and as Dad limped by, he patted her head.

3 replies on “Day 279 – Blustering Blizzards – Short Story”

Realised half way through that I was reading this with a huge grin on my face. Don’t know if it’s the poetic lilt making me feel like a kid, or the fact that I have absolutely no idea what I’m gonna get when I turn up at your block. Way to go, mate.

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Haha, cheers, writing after reading the beastie her bedtime story has been crazily inspiration, but, I’ve got another idea, so prepare, for another switch of the gear.. haha, or something like that, if I get around to writing it that is. Thanks again for enjoying.

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