Day 280 – A Day Full Of Fun – Short Story

The day was not hot, the day was not cold, when down the hill, Laney Bean rolled.

with a giggle and a gaggle, a laugh and a cackle, she came to a stop, at the bottom did she flop.

Then Stella the dog, tumbled down after, attacking her feet, to fits of laughter.

And that’s how they played, for the rest of the day, laughing, and screaming, chasing and racing, throwing their cares away.

And when it came time, for the sun to fall from the sky, and the moon to rise way up high.

They laid in the silence, Laney and her dog, until it was broken, by the croak of a FROG.

Stella LEAPT to her feet, Laney did too, and off they ran, towards the croaking, that seemed to be coming from Mum’s watering can.

A few steps away, and the croaking did stop, then out from the can, a large frog did hop.

They sat there in silence, Laney and her dog, staring quite curiously, at the large green frog.

Then, it let out a cry, that made Laney shudder, as another frog appeared, then another, and ANOTHER.

Soon they were surrounded by a HUNDRED or more, when Melvin the cat appeared with a ROAR.

The frogs jumped left, the frogs jumped right, the frogs jumped any which way, trying to get out of sight.

But they were no match for Melvin, who chased them away, into the darkness, like a tiger hunting it’s prey.

And the frogs never came back, after that day, when Melvin the cat, had wanted to play.

When Laney and Stella had, had all that fun, playing outside, in the warm, winters sun.

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