Day 309 – The Ending Is Better – 50 Word Story Expanded 

He raises the shotgun and holds it nervously towards him, “This ends HERE Jedediah!” He yells.

A wry smile creeps onto Jedediah’s face, then, he begins to laugh, “Sorry, I know you’re trying to be all macho and shit, but, you look like fucking Cyndi Lauper on acid, after eating three full-grown giraffes.”

One of his eye’s widen with rage, while the other pulls the skin from his face in as it closes tightly, his grip on the shotgun firms up, and he thrusts it forward, “This ain’t the time for jokes, tell me what happened to them? Or I’ll take your FUCKING head OFF!”

“Who cares what happened to them, all you need to know is, they are of no ones concern anymore, you see Randolph,” he laughs to himself, before clearing his throat. “Do you mind if I call you Gustav? I know, I know, it’s a tall ask, but you fucking look more like a Gustav, than a Randolph, I mean, who the fuck names a chi….” a blast from the shotgun rips past the side of his head, take off his left ear.

“The next one will take the rest off!” Randolph yells.

The smile disappears, as he clutches his ear, letting out a sharp, deep, hiss of pain, “Okay, okay, enough with the warning, Randolph it is,” he says, as he spits a wad of saliva at Randolph’s feet, and smiles again. “Look, let me take a few steps back, before I got off track, and we imagine I never said anything about your name, okay? Great, now, you don’t need to know what happened to them, it’s back-filler shit, best left for some wanna be hero nerd to uncover when they make the sequel, yeah, I know a sequel, ain’t that a bitch. But, I’m getting ahead of myself, so, instead of telling you all that shit. I’m going to tell you how it all ends. Because, basically, when you get down to the bare bones, it’s the same as the start, just fewer characters, more violence, and warmer feeling down in the old bread box, so to speak.”

“What the fuck are you taking about?”

He laughs, “I’m talking about you not being in the sequel bright eyes, for fuck sake, have you even listened to wh….” His words are cut short as a blast rips through his head, exiting out he back, violently. He falls to the ground lifeless, as a pool of red quickly grows beneath him.

“Guess you ain’t going to be in the sequel either, old man,” he says, then he stops, as he feels the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end.

“You should’ve let me finish telling you how it was going to end,” a voice hisses into his ear, before the darkness pulls him in.

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