46 Days Until The End – Fountain – Short Story

It takes a step forward, and smiles, gripping the stone wall with a clawed hand.

“I have braved endless eons, I have waded through rivers of blood, I have waited for the day you were reborn anew, so my emptiness could be filled with your overabundance, your sinful soul, that which I was not blessed with, but now, I see you for what you truly are, like me, I desire no longer just your vile pittance, not when I can have,” it throws its arena out wide, and  laughs, then looks down at him, its eyes endless, like pools of space, shimmering in the candle light, “EVERYTHING!”

He clenches his hands into fists and leaps from the ground, driving a solid left hook across its face, it crashes to the ground, and his eyes widen with surprise, lifting his hand before him, and slowly turns it, smiling to himself, he looks down to where it lies. “I won’t let you!” He yells defiantly.

“Well played child,” it says, seconds flash past as it stands before him once more, saliva drops from it rows of razor-sharp teeth, “but you are fighting something endless, timeless, without sin, without soul, this display, if you want to call it that, will not displace me.”

“What do you want of me?”

“I don’t want ANYTHING from you, I just want you to witness the destruction you have imparted onto human kind, I want you to witness as I steal all the sins, pluck them from everyone you hold dear, and then, once I have feed on them all, I will come back for you, Marty.”

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