Day 342 – Lioness – Short Story

She peers through the crowd, searching, lifting her nose into the air, his scent is strong, he can’t be more than a few feet away, she feels it dig into her back and lets out a low growl.

“Donovan, are you sure you want to play this game again,” she hisses.

“Fuck you Clare, this dance ends tonight, I won’t live like this anymore, looking over my shoulder, wondering when you’ll turn up, wanting more of me than I care to give,” he says, as he forces the gun deeper into her back.

“Don’t make me out to be the aggressor, you opened the box, you gave me life, you performed the ritual, you can’t just walk away when you sell your soul, we’re linked, forever, until you’re dragged down to the fiery pits of damnation,” she says through clenched teeth, forcing a smile.

“I never wanted this, I never agreed to you dogging me forever!”

“Well, maybe you should’ve read the fine print first,” she says with a laugh, he pushes the gun in, causing her to winch in pain.

“Tell me how I can be rid of you?”

“You can’t, haven’t we been through this before? There is no way, only death!”

“Bullshit, you want to be free of this as much I do, there has to be a way, someway, I can’t FUCKING live like this!” He cries.

“Well then, kill yourself,” she says calmly.

“Don’t fucking tempt me bitch!”

She laughs again, “Don’t tempt you? Seriously, that’s all I’ve ever done, kill yourself, let this ride be done, claim your reward, burn forever more.”

“Fuck you,” he hisses as he pulls the trigger, blowing a hole in her stomach, she looks down, clunching her teeth together, letting out a low, primeval growl, as the hole begins to quickly heal.

“You don’t know how much I loved this dress Donovan, they don’t even make it anymore, you stupid fuck!” She growls, turning quickly towards his quivering frame.

“Sucks to be you,” he quips back.

“Oh no Donovan, sucks to be you,” she says, with a wicked smile.

2 Replies to “Day 342 – Lioness – Short Story”

    1. A soul is a silly thing to sell, no matter what the cost, one should hold onto it, for in the darkness, it will keep you warm, and we all, will one day face the darkness of its realm..

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