Proof Of A Lie – Short Story

“You do know it’s all a load of baloney, right?” He says with a wicked smirk across his face.
“How do you know that for a fact? You mightn’t have witness anything angelic yet, but it doesn’t mean it’s all lies.”
“Of course it does. If you can disprove one thing, then you can disprove it all. No matter how many people sit out there in their nice little world of imagination, a lie is a lie no matter how pretty you dress it up,” Calvert says as he puffs out his chest proudly.
“So disprove it,” Jenkins quickly blurts out.
He laughs and leans back. “Why are you so keen on me giving you facts? For all I know you’re some tree hugging death-bed wanna be who’s looking to cause as much trouble as he can before the endless darkness comes to embrace you.”
Jenkins leans back in his seat, his face pale. “H-H-How did you know?”
“When was the last time you looking in the mirror at yourself, when I say looked at yourself I mean REALLY looked at yourself?”
“Is it that obvious?” Jenkins says softly as he look to the ground.
“Mate, you wouldn’t believe how obvious. Cancer?”
“Stage three, my body’s riddled with the fucking stuff.”
“And you’re angry at the old lord and savior for it all?”
“Of course I am!” Jenkins screams as he leaps to his feet. “I’ve devoted everything, my whole life to his word and spreading it to others. I’ve gone without because that is what he has asked of me. I have been a good, loyal follower and he now curses me with this!”
“So you want to disprove his existence to make yourself feel somewhat better? To make yourself feel less used and abused by someone who doesn’t care for what you have done for him, who doesn’t care for what you have sacrificed to live by his law, am I close?”
“Yes, oh god yes. I need to know he doesn’t exists, I need to know when I pass over there is nothing to be rewarded for, there is no un-hearing god to compel my need for satisfaction to. I need to know that I have wasted my life on a lie.”
“So why did you come here? Why did you come to see me?”
“B-B-Because they say you know the truth. They say you have proof of the lies, and for a price you will show it,” Jenkins says as he places a yellow envelope in the table between them and slides it toward Calvert. “It’s everything I have, three hundred and seventy-nine thousand. Please, show me your proof.”
Calvert places a hand on the envelope, and picks it up from the table as he meets Jenkins’ desperate stare with his own before smiling once more.
Calvert then places a well-worn book on the table before him and gently opens it. “I’ll start with what I can prove first and work my way backwards from there. But before I start, let me say this whole experience is going to suck, for you anyway.”

2 thoughts on “Proof Of A Lie – Short Story

  1. I’d say this fellow was following God for the wrong reasons. It’s never about an Earthly reward but about doing what’s right. The Apostle Paul’s life turned decidedly more unpleasant after he had his Acts 9 revelation. He was beaten, left for dead more than once, at the center of a riot, taken prisoner by the Romans, shipwrecked, and ultimately beheaded (this last part is Christian tradition since it’s not recorded in the Bible), but never did he whine and complain that somehow God owed him something.

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