Infestation Inside Thy Walls – Short Story

“Petrified rat drippings. Are you sure that’s what it was? No I’m not calling you a liar, I just find it hard to,” he bites down on his bottom lip and rolls his eyes around in their sockets while taking the phone away from his ear as he listens to the field inspectors report.
“No, I understand your frustration with this issue just as I’m sure you can understand my disbelief with the information you have presented me with.”
He quickly pulls the phone away from his ear again and squeezes his lips together tightly while flexing the skin of his neck tightly.
“No, that doesn’t sound like something I would be aware of. If you had taken the time to study my company’s log book and procedure manual you would see task associated with cleanliness and hygiene are covered in great detail. When dealing wi… Please Mister Witherby, I have taken the time to allow you to speak at least you could afford me the decency as well so I can answer your questions, or are they merely statements disguised as questions?”
He grabs a handful of his head hair and pulls it tightly before he relaxes his grip and repeats.
“That’s total bullshit, I never said anything like that. All I asked was, are you sure that’s what it was. No, as I said just a second ago I am not making any accusations, I am just making a point to ensure then information you are giving me is unbiased and correct.”
His bottom lip quivers and his eyes widen with terror. “A-A-Are yo-yo-you sure that will be necessary? No, or course I’m not questioning your professionalism or ability, I am simply asking if that sort of measure would be overkill or not. No, I understand,” he says as he slowly takes the phone from his ear and places the handset onto its receiver.
“Well, what did he say?” A voice asks from elsewhere in the room. He turns to the darkness and catches a shimmer of his reflection in one of the many mirrors that cover the walls of the room.
“He said there’s an infestation in the walls, traps laced with bait he said would be needed. I asked him for something less cathartic, but he feels the only way to remove the infestation is through death.”
“A you?”
“I feel that death is indeed the answer, but the infestation has been incorrectly attributed to the incorrect vermin,,” he says as a million eyes peer at him from out of the darkness.

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