A Warning Of Tongues – Short Story

“AT LEAST HAVE THE BALLS TO LOOK AT ME WHEN YOU’RE BREAKING MY HEART YOU GUTLESS BASTARD!” Kimora screams as she slaps him across the face. He momentarily glanced to before looking back down at the glass that sits before him.

“There’s no nee..” he doesn’t get to finish as she slaps him across the face again, this time drawing blood.

“You forfeited the right to take part in anything I do the moment you allowed that thing into our bed.”

He looks up desperately at her, his eyes welling with tears. “It’s not like that, I never asked for it. I never allowed it. It just happened. A mistake! Surely you understand that. Surely you can see that it was a mistake and nothing more. I never planned for anything to happen. I never planned for it to end up in bed with me. I n…”

“ENOUGH!” She says as she grabs him by the jaw and squeezes, causing his mouth to open awkwardly. She shoves her other hand into his mouth and grabs his tongue between her fingers and pulls it out then lets go of his jaw, which causes him to bite down on his tongue. Blood sprays quickly from the stump where his tongue once sat, and he grabs at his mouth with desperation.

“Whot tha fuk?” He says through a mess of fingers and blood.

“I warned you baby. I told you what would happen. It was only for me, not for any old skank.”

“You Bich?” He yells as he jumps dramatically to his feet, throwing his arms around like a poorly animated Raggedy Anne doll.

She drives a powerful boot into his stomach that sends him crashing to the ground, before he even has a chance to get his bearings she plants another boot into his throat and holds it there as he tried to desperately gasp for air. “That’s your second strike lover boy, and with me there is no third,” she says with a warped grin upon her face as she twisted her foot.

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