Shatter Your Belief – Short Story

“Yesterday was nothing but a test for tomorrow, while there is no test for today,” Carver says proudly.

“Yesterday was nothing but a test for tomorrow, and there’s no test for today? Are you actually listening to the words that are leaving your lips? Because mate you’ve lost your fucking transmission.”

“I’ve lost nothing braggart!”

“No mate, you’ve lost a shit load of product from off of your display shelves, too much in fact. You need to take a few steps back from the gasoline can and sniff some fresh air, and help clear that shit off your lungs. Tomorrow is today, tomorrow. And today was yesterday, yesterday. Which was also tomorrow once as well, so your fucking spastic spiritual mumbo jumbo bullshit spins off into a left field that just doesn’t exist except inside your retarted fucking skull!” 

“Stay your words sinner of Job for I’ll have you know my spastic spiritual mumbo jumbo as you put it, is the life blood of many a normal man or woman. I have spent years developing techniques that not only fill the mind, but also the body with a selflessness that helps you not only meet your dreams and desires, but it helps you help others to obtain their utmost wants and needs.”

He laughs hysterically, fighting desperately to hold back the tears that now run down his face. “Sinner of Job? What version of the New Testament are you reading your bullshit from? We both know deep down that there is no religious aspects of your ridiculous self-help methods. You’re a leech, nothing more or less. One that has had its fill on humanity for long enough.”

“New or old, it matters not which version. All it matters is people need something or someone yo believe in and I fill that need, for I am flesh and their god is nothing but a belief of an idea, an idea I can focus into my own.”

“So you admit it? You admit to using people to further your own demented goals?”

“I admit nothing and everything, for I am what everyone needs, I am a living breathing god. While you, well there is nothing you can do to stop me, is there?” Carver says as he gestures towards the chains that bind him to the stone floor.

He smiles wickedly as his eyes flicker with energy. “Where there is a belief, there is a god.”

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