Let Your Desires Be Known – Short Story

He places a hand gently on her shoulder and squeezes it rhythmically. “There is no need to be scared anymore, all has been taken care of. Tomorrow is a new beginning not only for you, but for your children as well. Be strong, for you are stronger than you truly know.”

She smiles and lays a hand on his. “Your words are far greater than any of your actions ever have been,” she says as she tightly squeezes his hand, the sound of bones snapping and flesh tearing are only drowned out by his cries of pain. “A pity they come too late.”

“PLEASE!” He screams in agony. “PLEASE FORGIVE MY SIN!”

“First you oppose me behind my back, while acting as a friend and confidant. Now you dress up this make-believe fictional world and try to manipulate the situation into something more that it ever could be. What did you truly hope to gain from this night? Did you think we would lay together? Did you think I would take your limpness and make it hard?”

“I NEVER WISHED ANY OF THOSE THINGS!” He screams as he falls to his knees.

“None? Really? Are you saying you do not desire this body to pleasure your deepest sins?” She asks, tightening her grip on his already crushed hand.

“NOO!” He screams.

“What is it about me that you do not desire?”


She smiles as her skin tone changes, her hair grows longer, curling as its colour darkens and her eyes change from dull blue to a vibrant green. “I can be anything, and everything you want me to be in that final moment, as you breathe your final breath.”

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