Just A Thing – Short Story

“I said it was a thing, I told you. And you thought I was crazy! You all DID!” Martin declares at the top of his voice.

“The only thing you’ll be right about if you don’t shut your mouth will be how everyone thinks you’re weird,” Samantha snaps back as she grabs Martin by the arm and drags him back down into his seat.

He smiles broadly, “What, you don’t want everyone to know their truth? You don’t want everyone to know how right that I was that it was what I thought it was, and not what everyone else thought it was?”

“No,” she hisses as she tightens her grip on his arm. “Just sit down, and be quiet. When the time is right you can tell the whole world how right you were, but it’s not that time at the moment.”

“You’re just jealous that I’m the one who was right and not you, I can see it in your eyes. Just let it go, and face the fact I’m finally right about something!” He says as he pulls himself free from her grip and leaps to his feet once again. “Do not fear what I have to say dear people, for I hold no ill will towards any one of you for calling me a fool and a liar. I beg your understanding, and ask only for you to allow me one simple request of a favor when I knock upon your door one day.”

“SHUT THE FUCK UP MARION!” A voices yells out from within the crowded room.

“Who says that? Who blindly ignores the words if truth even they are spoken to them? Come forth and show yourself coward!” Martian yells back quickly, saliva frothing in the corner of his mouth.

“For Christ sake, I said it choir boy!” A large brute of a man says as he gets to his feet while a path clears quickly between them. “Do you have a problem with that MARION?” He says with a grin upon his face as he cracks his knuckles then his eyes widen and he falls lifeless to the floor. 

Martin quickly looks back to Samantha, “I told you  it was a thing, I said so and you didn’t believe me! NONE OF YOU DID!”

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