Short Story

Wicked Sins Wither My Rope – Short Story

The music rips through his senses, twisting and turning all his insides with each sharp slap of its feverishly dark beat. He tightens his grip on the dog lead and winds it around his hand once more, His dog casts a quick glance in his direction before focusing back on the scent before her. As she catches an all too familiar scent she freezes in place only to have him pull her forward again.

“Abbey!” He hisses through clenched teeth as he takes grander strides with each step, as if a silent conversation has taken place between them both. He comes to a ridged stop beneath the bridge, allowing a stuttered breath to escape as he casts a quick glance to Abbey and nods his head, she sniffs furiously through the small bushes that grow out from between the concrete slabs that build the drake work for most of the houses in these blocks. He looks away as she lifts her leg and stares at the pale lifeless eyes of a young girl, no older than his eldest daughter Saffron. He feels the Hayes across his body slowly begin the stand on end as static tears through his headphones and the girl’s voice whispers into his ears.

“A memory of a moment locked in the forever of never more, the blinking of ones eyes, the beating of their own heart, the beast makes its way through the forevermore, breaking barrier after barrier that lay within its path, the be…”

Abbey launches forward, her lead slipping through Marty’s in clenched hands and plungers into the girl, darkness swallowing them both before they touch the ground, leaving Marty alone in a now somewhat pale landscape. Lightning cracks in the distance and then it is before him.

“Around, around the garden, like a teddy bear,” It hisses.

“One step,” it says as it step towards Marty, who remains frozen in place.

“Two step,” it says while it takes another as Marty’s world goes black.

Muffled sounds burst from left to right, like a swirling vortex of insanity catapults itself around him, and then silence.

“Marty?” A voice says suddenly, pulling him back to reality. “…. you hear me Marty or is this the part where you dropped the phone? Or does me saying that mean you’ve just picked it up? I really should’ve reread the first chapter…”

“Gareth, shut up and listen to me because we don’t have lo….” But Marty doesn’t get to finish his words as he’s interrupted by Abbey’s hysterical barking at the door.

“DON’T! I fucking swear to god, I’ll hang up!” Gareth yells down the phone line.

“You do what you have to do, but I’ve gotta go through that door,” Marty says as he pulls the door open quickly, and Abbey rushes out into the hallway.

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