KILLtober Short Story

A Killer Fairy Tale If You Ever Felt One – KILLtober Short Story

“Suffice to say, we have the numbers to turn the tide,” Vincent says as he looks down over the small group that remain.

“Not to sound negative sir, but those FUCKING things have decimated our numbers. How can you even contemplate going against them on their home turf with such limited resources and men,” a voice yells out from the small group.

“Because the very fate of mankind as a species relies upon us stopping these things, that’s how we contemplate this sort of shit.” He says as he slowly makes his way through the parting crowd who open up before him, bringing him to a stop in front of the vocal young man. “I can see you’re scared sin, and believe me when I tell you this, so am I. Those things out there don’t belong anywhere but in fairy tales, scaring the shit out of little pissants. Instead they’re out there, threatening my very existence. Now I’d like to offer you the door, say it’s okay did you to not take part in this war. But this is extinction level shit, shit that requires me to have anyone who can hold a fucking gun and shoot it by my side. Do you understand son?”

The man nods his head, “I understand sir, those things killed everyone I’ve ever cared about when they turned rabid. I just believe..” he stops for a moment and looks around at all the faces that stare intensely towards him.

“You believe what boy?” Vincent asks commandingly.

“I-I-I, I believe there has to be a better way to stop these things. I mean, hasn’t research showed there social structure is built like a bee hive, can’t we utilise that information to our advantage. Surely there must be a queen, maybe if we take her out there may be some sort of opening we can manipulate to turn the tide our way.”

Vincent stares at him in silence for some moments before smiling and slapping a hand down onto his shoulder and squeezing. “I like you kid, you’re a thinker and we need more willing to use their heads instead of their cocks! What’s your name son?” He asks proudly.

“S-S-Samuel, Samuel Dekker.”

“Glad to have you onboard Samuel,” Vincent says as he pats Samuel’s shoulder once more then turns around and makes his way back up to the podium. “What young Samuel has eluded to is something our best strategists have been working on achieving over the course of the last eighteen months, but no matter how many test scenarios they ran, none of them ended with us, as a race surviving. That was until we were given an opportunity that could quite possibly avoid our extinction,” he paused as he looks down upon the many faces of the men and women who’s lives he holds in his hands, and swallows. “Our enemy, like a bee hive do everything they do to serve on thing, their queen. Like any social structure, if you take out the key controlling factor chaos will flourish. Intel informs us that even if we take the queen down, the hives soldiers will continue following their former queens orders until a new queen sits in her place. So taking down the queen will do little for our cause unless we have a queen who is on our side, ready to take the ousted queens place.” He says as a figure moves from out of the makeshift tent behind him. “Let me introduce the future queen Ikari of the Lique, and saviour of the human race as we know it.” Her wings buzz momentarily out of excitement as her sixteen eyes look over the small rag tag group before her.

“Humans, my kind have too long hunted you down, let us rise up together and show through unity truly wonderful, enchanting things can truly happen!”

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