And In The Darkness Comes Your Answer – KILLtober Short Story

“Are you all suck here? Are any of you able to leave here?” Steward asks, only to receive silence as his answer.

“Is anyone still with us?” Sophie asks towards the darkness around them, the rem pod explodes with colours and a high pitched noise quickly followed by everyone’s ghost meter pros lighting up and flashing like a disco.

“Oh wow!” Sophie’s says with glee. “Thank you so much!”

“Are you all suck here? Are any of you able to leave here?” Steward asks with gusto mince more, again there is no answer accept silence as all the equipment fall silent and still. Craig and Emma look over to Steward curiously.

“Something going on with you tonight?” Craig asks, Steward pulls his gaze away quickly and swallows nervously.

“Nothings going on, obviously they just don’t want to talk to me tonight,” he says through tear filled eyes.

The rem pod explodes with colours and sound, and all the ghost meter pros glow with energy.

“Oh wow!” Sophie says with excitement, “I think everyone here thinks you’re lying.”

“Well they can all get fucked!” Steward growls as he jumps to his feet, both hands clenched into fists.

“Dude, calm the fuck down. Obviously something is going on, lying is only going to make it worse. So instead of being a dick about it all, why don’t you sit down and tell ALL of us what the fuck is going on!” Emma says passionately.

Steward stares at then in the darkness, each of them bathed in the light from their respective ghost meter pros. “None of you are going to understand,” he says, a silence response is given with the flashing of lights.

“Oh wow, I think they all disagree you Steward. Give them a chance and maybe they can give you the answers your looking for,” Sophie says.

“She’s got a point,” Craig adds. “We’ve never had everything working together like this before, and I’ve never heard of anything like this happening anywhere either, so don’t hold back, let it all go and I’ll film it.”

“NO!” Steward yells, holding up a hand in defence. “I’ll tell you the truth. I’ll ask my true questions, but I won’t do it with a camera in my face.”

Craig jumps to his feet, “But this is monumentous, this is undocumented. We can’t let something li…” his words trail off as all the ghost meters flash violently in unison.

Emma places a hand on Craig’s and pulls him back down. “I think they’ve all had their say. They don’t want to turn this into anything but what it is,” she says nodding her head towards Steward. “It’s about him and whatever needs to be asked. They want his question, so let him ask it.”

Steward takes a deep breath and smiles nervously, clearing his throat. “I’m sorry for the way I started off tonight, I didn’t mean to treat any of you like you’re the enemy. I-I-It’s just I don’t know how to ask the question I need to ask,” he says softly, the ghost meters flash and the rem pod cascades through a kaleidoscope of colours, almost singing a song. Suddenly the spirit box explodes to life and begins scanning across a spectrum of random channels.

“Ask Your Question?” A single voice asks. Everyone stops in terror, all their eyes staring desperately at Steward.

“D-D-Did one of you come home with me?” He asks nervously.

All eyes quickly fall to the spirit box. Seconds later all the ghost meters turn off followed quickly by the rem pod, leaving them all in pitch black. Only then is it that the spirit box finally answers, “YES!”

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