Day 192 – Red – Whispered Words




I taste it on my tongue,

I feel it drying  on my face,

your empty eyes look at me,

your rage still shining through,

a rage you forced at me,

I had no choice,

I had no decisions,

your life I had to take out of fear,

to survive,

as you tried to kill me,

like all the rest,

you coaxed down here,

down here inside your sin,

but I was triumphant,

I stopped your reign,

I ended your life,


was it all in vein,

I see them moving,

in the shadows,

their eyes glowing,

watching me,

I grip the blade,

I clench my teeth,

come on motherfuckers,

it’s time,

fresh meat!


5 Replies to “Day 192 – Red – Whispered Words”

      1. Yes, and the general determination in the main characters voice at the end. Believe it or not, swearing can be used to add emotional emphasis. I think people just assume if you put swearing in something it’s for the sake of swearing (which does happen too).

        I just think they overlook certain things sometimes.

        I was super delighted to read this though. ^_^

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Agreed, I know I use a lot of swearing in my writing, but a lot of my stories are in those moments, when any sane, normal rational person would swear, so it’s emphasising the emotional turmoil the characters are in. I swear, everyone does, in their own way, and when life is coming down, you’re going to lose those inhibitions and swear until the cows come home. Thanks again, after reading your works, I’m always chuffed you like mine.

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