Day 245 – Carter – Short Story

“So, this is how things are really going to pay out? Is this how you’re going to tell me your big secret?” She says, standing before him  with her arms crossed.

“Mickey, honey, you’ve got this all wrong, there is no big horrible secret, there’s only me and you, no one else,” he says, with a nervous smile upon his face.

“BULLSHIT!” She yells, as she slaps him across the face. “I know, I saw you two, for FUCK sake Lucas, just be honest with me!”

“Why the hell would I life to you if you’d seen what you THOUGHT you saw!”

“Because I saw it, I saw you and that slut, you prick!”

“Tell me then, tell me what you saw?”

“I saw you kissing her neck, like some sick, sad puppy!” She says, as tears run down her face.

He smiles, and begins to laugh, “You saw me kissing her neck? Are you serious?”

She slaps him again, “DON’T MAKE FUN OF ME!” She yells, he wriggles his jaw from side to side, and gives her a look of aggravation.

“If you would just calm down and listen, I’ll tell you why you saw what you saw, and how you shouldn’t feel threatened by it,” he says calmly, as he motions for her to sit.

She stands there, pushing her foot, harder into the floor, as her mind ticks over, as she comes to her decision, she thrusts herself into the seat, and looks at him, her brow furrowed, her eyes like daggers. “Go on, tell me you’re pathetic excuse!”

“I’m a vampire,” he says, smiling a broad toothy grin, displaying razor sharp teeth.

“Halloween twenty-thirteen,” she says.


“Halloween twenty-thirteen,” she repeats.

“What the fuck does that mean?”

“That means, HALLOWEEN TWENTY-FUCKING-THIRTEEN, WHEN WE BROUGHT THEY FAKE ARESE TEETH!” She yells, leaping from the chair and planting a solid kick to his groin. “FUCK HEAD!” She adds as she quickly leaves him,a s he slumps to the floor in agony, spitting the false teeth from his mouth.





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