Day 246 – The Ride – Short Story

I want to take this moment, the one we’re about to share, to tell you about a story that happened to me, just a few hours ago. I know, in all honesty, you’re not going to believe me, because, I don’t believe it myself, but it’s true, I swear to whatever higher being you believe in, it is, for I have no reason to lie.

First I’ll set the scene, so you’re with me, and I can tell the story correctly. The sun had just set, and dusk was fading from the sky, the stars were starting to take over the darkness, and the moon, large and full, glowed a deep yellow. I was, in my car, my wife, sleeping in the passenger seat beside me, and my daughter, talking to herself in the back seat, slowly slipping into the sweet embrace of sleep as well.

Did I mention it’s Friday the thirteenth today? Not that it’s relatively important to the story, but, it adds some charm I guess.

Anyway, soon it was just me, staring into the darkness, as I drove forward, onward, towards home. We had already traveled more than an hour, and had almost the same if not more, until we reached home, a family outing, one that had almost been a waste of time, as we had rushed around, and really never got to experience each other’s  company, the way we would’ve wanted to.

Anyway, I saw her, at first, standing on the side of the road, her white dress glowed in the cars headlights, or maybe, it was just glowing on its own, I’m not sure anymore. Anyway, I drove past, but, for the next few miles, the image of that woman nagged at my head, I couldn’t stop thinking, if she was okay, lost, or, something to else. That’s when she was standing there, in the middle of the road, staring straight towards me, I slammed on the breaks, and the car slid for a few short meters, coming to a stop, a few feet from her, I leapt from the car and starting yelling at her, all the while, she stood there, quietly, just staring at me. And then, as my heart slowly started to slow, and my anger cooled, she reached out and pointed, past me, past my car and towards a huge black shadow that stood behind it.

“Beware the beast,” she said.

I felt the sweat run down my brow, and I turned back towards her, she was inches from me now, and grabbed hold of my arm.

“WAKE UP!” She screamed.

My eyes flicked open, and I almost lost control of the car, my wife stirred in her seat and asked me if I was okay, I brushed off her question and literally held my eyes open the rest of the way home. The funny thing was, when we got home my wife asked me what was wrong with my arm, I asked her why she’d ask such a question, and that’s when I noticed the bruise on my arm, in the shape of a hand.

Now, again, you don’t need to believe me, but, it’s true, I mean, seriously, why would I lie to you?


4 thoughts on “Day 246 – The Ride – Short Story

      1. If there’s a bruise, then either – a) you crossed the line into self-harm for your art and I want no part of it, … or b) your seeing dead people and I DEFINITELY want no part of it! 😄

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