Daily Grind

Daily Grindhard

How long has it been since I shared words, too long I say, my mind has been elsewhere, preparing things, and, of course, keeping the blog turning over.
What changes have come, Whispered Words as shifted and morphed into Wrapped In Words, the same, yet not. Tales of different kinds will find its way here, not just poems and rancid death threats to the world. They will be something more sullied, if that can be done.

Dark Stars will continue, as the story really begins now, the set up is done, the opening credits have flickered by, and now it’s time for the action to start.

Lies, yes Lies will unfold anew, the world of darkness, technology and horror rolled into on tiny ball of violence, look for that to come soon.

Beware the YouChallenge, for it will be returning soon, as will the 50 Word Stories and their Expanded versions, keep watch, for that will be with us all soon.

And finally, fear The Roundhead, for the story is not yet done, and the beast, is far from defeated…

Until then my friends, few and many, let the darkness embrace you, for it knows what you want, and it knows how to give it to you.


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