Day 302 – The Question – 50 Word Story Expanded

He grits his teeth and throws a wild, powerful left hook into the younger man’s face, the impact sounds like a water ballon exploding as it hits its target.

He stands there, the older man, his fists tighten, his lip curls, then, he grabs the younger man by the hair and pulls his face to his. “I’ll ask you again, and this time, reach deep within yourself, into that pool of shit you call a soul, and you tell me the fucking truth,” he growls, as he thrusts the shotgun barrel against the young mans temple. “Where the fuck is my daughter?”

“You won’t believe me, I tried to tell you, I tried to make you all listen before she went missing, but you didn’t want to know, you just pushed and threatened me, and now,” he stops to spit out a mouthful of blood, then grabs the barrel of the shotgun and places it against the center of his forehead. “Now you want answers, now you want to know, well, FUCK YOU! Pull the trigger, you’re only doing me a favour in the long run, because once those things start getting hungry again, we’re all going to die.”

He takes a step back, his eyes wide, his face, pale, white. “W-W-What, what are you talking about? Just tell me where she is, please Tanner, just tell me.”

“LISTEN TO ME! I, don’t, KNOW!”

He grabs Tanner by the collar and pulls him to his feet, driving a solid punch into his stomach, followed closely by another, “Tell me, tell me where she is, or I’ll make you wish you were god damn dead you little cock sucker!” He says, as he drives another punch into the young man, before letting him crash to the floor.

Tanner laughs, as he a rolls onto his back, “You really want to know?”


“You won’t question what I tell you? You won’t call me a liar? You’ll believe everything I say?”

“Yes, yes, if it means getting Cheryl back, of course I will!”

For a few moments they both remain motionless, staring into each other’s eyes, finally, Tanner begins to speak, “It started last week, when Cheryl and I were up at Fairmont Hill, and we saw it fall from the sky, at first, we thought it was a meteor or something like that, but, when we got closer, we realised it was something more, something, out of this world.”

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