Day 306 – A Dream – 50 Word Story Expanded

“The world in chaos, brother fighting brother, sister killing sister, families, dying, humanity, on the verge of extinction, yet” he says, gripping the podium tightly, looking around at the faces of the small gathering before him. He bows his head and closes his eyes, “Yet, they still abandon his word, they still ignore his existence, when, in our time of need he would gladly stand by our side and fight.”

The room erupts with cheers of agreement in the form of a word, the word, that ends every prayer, that finishes every blessing, that finishes, every chapter of his good book.

“The world, this pitiful, dying,worthless planet, our home, needs him. Our fractured, decaying, empty species, needs him, so, why does he not come?” He says, looking around the room once more, their eyes tell him the answer, none know why he does not come, and, he smiles.

“I know the answer,” he says softly, he can hear them all let out a sigh of relief, his smile grows.

“He came to me last night, in a dream, and he told me why, he told me how he wished to come and save us, save the ones who have stood by his word, but, he can’t, and he needs our help to do so.”

They scream out in excitement, panic, and fear all at once, calling for the answer.

“We have to kill them all, the non believers, every single one, so, his power is undiluted, untainted, and he can come to our aid.”

The room falls silent, he searches them, with his eyes, until he finally comes to rest on a young woman, she quickly looks away from his gaze, and he smiles.

“Mary-Beth, you turned your back on this congregation some time ago, but recently, you came back, why?”

She stares at him in silence as all eyes fall on her, she slowly opens her mouth, as if to say something, but, quickly closes it again.

He steps out from behind the podium and walks towards her, pulling out a large blade, gasps break out sporadically through the group, until he flips it around and holds the handle towards her, she looks down at it then back at him.

“Go on, take it,” he says.


“So I can show you why you came back, and why, you’ll fight by my side, and remove the unbelievers.”


“Take it!” He yells, grabbing her hand, and slamming the handle into hers, the blade cuts into the palm of his hand and he pulls away, blood splashes against his face.

She grips the handle of the blade tightly, and bites down on her bottom lip, before looking up at him, the blood runs quickly down his face, he smiles, a demented, wry smile.

“Well? Are you game?” He asks.

“Are you a fucking retard?”

“Depends on who you ask, maybe? Or maybe, just maybe, I will be the savior of us all.”

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