50 Word Story Expanded Short Story

Day 310 – You Are A Fool – 50 Word Story Expanded

“So, how much bullshit is this guy full of?” He asks, pressing the phone against his ear with his shoulder, while reading over the words on the computer screen.

“Depends who your talking to, some people say he’s a genius, others will tell you he’s a hack with no skill,” a voice replies to him from the other end of the phone.

“What do you think?”

“He’s a bit of both, moments of awesomeness, covered in shit.”

He laughs, “And this one?”

“This one is awesomeness, how far in are you?”

“About halfway I’d say, he just got in the elevator.”

“Oh dude, you haven’t even got to the good shit, just wai….” The voice stops in mid-sentence as the phone goes dead.

He pulls it from his ear, and stares at the scree, pressing the power button, to no avail, “Fucking piece of shit, you were just charged!” He grumbles as he spins on his seat and grabs the charging cable as he hears something crash to the floor in an adjacent room, he freezes in place, as his eyes quickly move towards the door, he feels his heart beat wildly in his chest, it jumps as another sound comes from the room, followed by the sound of a box hitting the floor.

Frantically he searches the room, looking for a weapon, while under his breath, he curses his phone and his cheapskate ways for not purchasing a landline with his internet plan. His eyes widen with desperation as he spots a pile of tools he tossed out of his old work bag a few hours earlier, quickly he grabs a hammer from within the pile, then inches himself up from the chair and makes his way towards the door. He stand there, wiping the sweat from the palms of his hands down the sides of his trousers legs, before reaching out, and painstakingly turning the door knob around as quietly as he can, then, takes a deep breath before he pulls the door open, almost leaping out into the hallway.

It stands there, at the end of the hall, shrouded in darkness, looking at him, he sucks in a deep breath, dropping the hammer, it crashes to the floor, as his bladder release itself, and the urine runs down his leg.

“W-W-W-What, what are you?” He asks in shock.

It moves forward, towering over him, and bends down, as it’s rancid breath wafts over him, its mouth, full of teeth, its eyes endless pools of nothingness, “I am the thing you tried to run from, I am the beast who has come for your sin, you thought I was fake, you though I was a lie, but I’m real, I’m here, so now, you die,” it says, clutching his throat in a gigantic, clawed hand, and squeezes, he gasps for air, as his neck is crushed, then the beast opens its mouth, and a thick, black mist rips in through the mans nose and mouth, devouring all he is, from inside. It takes a matter of seconds before the beast drops his lifeless form, and then, turns to you, looking, through the words, looking, through the space between imagination and reality, and laughs quietly to itself.

“In time, you will all be mine.”

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