32 Days Until The End – Dark Stars: Prophecy Child, Part Six – Short Story

The Players so far..

Zander Kane, once a trusted and highly decorated general for the United Federation, Kane betrayed not only his own race, but his own flesh and blood to join the Dark Collective, so he could be with the woman he loved. Now, he rides stardust and slipstreams, captaining the Betha, fighting for the collective, in hope of one day freeing the worlds from the federations ruling grasp.

Gadamrie, a Golden Priestess in the Dark Collective, who before the federation came to power boasted over one million hosts as part of her mind hive.

Syin-To-Twenty-Seven (Sin), Betha’s sentient companion, through the link they share Sin can control and communicate between Betha and Zander, as well as accessing and sometimes controlling other forms of technology.

Touvler, Zander’s right hand man and Betha’s co-pilot, Touvler along with two others joined Zander when he defected from the United Federations to the Dark Collective.

General Salidazar, an officer in the Dark Collective, who’s loyalties, may lie somewhere else.

High Priestess Dankika, leader of the Dark Collective, a maker, a being who exists across multiple realities.

High Lord Quinn, Commander for the United Federation, and a Quadrapled, a slang term for a clone. Quinn’s past is still yet to be revealed, but his past association with Zander Kane makes his story more of a mystery.

President Balmires, the current elected president of the united federation, Balmires’ rise to power is one worth of it’s own story, soaked in blood and betrayal.

Last time on Dark Stars

Zander and the crew of Betha find themselves requested by the High Priestess, once touching down, he comes face to face with General Salidazar, who has other plans for Zander. Gadamrie intervened spoiling his plans, as the High Priestess arrived and attempted to quell the already explosive situation, to, no positive end, until Sin relayed a message, what appears to be from Zander himself, warning of the Priestess and Salidazar, verifying the information, he acted, somewhat recklessly, and fled towards an unknown destination, with Salidazar following closely behind, Zander backtracked to take care of him once and for all, but, were faced with a greater problem. Unfortunately Zander and Betha’s crew, found themselves prisoners of High Lord Quinn, reveling himself to be a former crew member of the Betha, but, as he prepared to kill Zander, Gadamrie, who was cloaked, came to his aid, taking out Quinn and his men, although, before they could make their escape, another mind took control of one of Gadamrie’s host bodies, apparently killing her, but after a brief battle of minds, Gadamrie regained control of her final host. Making contact with Sin, Zander found out where Touvler was being held, and as they made their plans to rescue him, they came face to face with a resurrected Quinn and a league of Federation soldiers, using a cloaking technology, known as the walk of the damned, Gadamrie tried to guide them to safety, but her strength gave way, so Zander had to improvise, and, as the walls close in, Gadamrie finally agrees to answer Zander’s questions, answers that he has a hard time understanding.

And so we continue…

“… one by one they fell, wounded, broken, and, it was in this state, in their defeat, did they reveal their true form, that of scavengers, worms, beasts who prey on those who fall outside the stars, who, well, who you will soon see for yourself, as I did, for they will call you, as you get closer to the moment of joining, for, Danzian, across all the realities, laid his seed inside me, as I have you, the hive, I control, it is not one just of many, it is one over countless realities, and the mind, the one who took over before, she, she was but one of the versions of myself who vied for control over who I am now, the one who survived, who is the amalgamated version of the shadows I was, like, you will become, you, the man, I love,” she says, as Zander, stands before her, his eyes wide with wonderment, his skin, pale, he can feel his knees getting weak, and his stomach turning.

“B-B-Bullshit!” He mutters.

“I have no reason to lie, not anymore, you, are one of my favourite Zander’s, across all of realities, you, have been the kindest, of all your incarnations, I, know, you possess the ability to become the one, the Alpha, but, you need to survive until the moment, the birthing, otherwise, you will be lost forever, like I said, it is you I protect, not the seed, many others have died, many others have been lost, but you, I, WE, cannot lose you,” she says, gently caressing his face with her hand, he pulls away, releasing his grip on her, allowing her to fall to the ground, she lets out a grimace of pain, as he stands at the edge of the vent, looking down into the darkness.

“Will it hurt?”

“The birthing?”

“No, getting my nails done, of course the birthing, what else is there to talk about?”

“Yes, it will be very painful.”

“And these Orionat, can they be killed?”

“Yes, but only for a short time,” she says, as she pulls herself back to her feet, slowly making her way to his side.

“That’s not a real answer.”

“It is the best I have.”

“What are they like?”

“Who, the Orionat?”

“No, the other Zander’s, are they, like me?” He asks, turning to her.

“Some of them, are almost identical, others, are far different.”

“And this Danzian, is he still out there?”

“No, he, he died long ago,” she says softly, looking down to the ground.

“How is that possible, if he existed in all realities at once, how could he die?”

“If he was to be killed in all realities, at once, then, he would die.”

“You killed him?”

She stands there in silence for a few moments. before looking back up at him, “No, it was not my hands that took his life, but the hands of my child, you see, she grew jealous of him, she wanted only me for herself, so, she killed him, she killed my maker, my father, my lover, and then, expected me to join her, to rule all, together, but I wanted nothing, not from her anymore, so, I left, explored the stars on my own, while she, she…”

“She formed the rebellion, so she could battle the powers that control the galaxies, in hope of what, one day ruling all of it, across all the realities?”

“That is her plan, hiding behind the facade of lies, using the war, to draw her power, not just in this reality, but in so many others as well, some of the world, are damaged beyond repair, she cares not for anything, just, herself, I was, unwise to join with her, but, I chose one, when it should’ve been all, that was my mistake.”

More minutes of silence pass, as they both stand there, staring into the darkness of the shaft.

“So, how do I stop her?”

“You, must, join as one, survive, become the alpha, then, rid her from all, at once, you must survive,” Gadamrie says, as she collapses to her knees, “you mu-mu-must survive,” she mutters, Zander looks down at her, then back into the abyss.

“What you told me before, about being attacked all at once, was that across realities?”

“Yes, I, WE, are the last, and soon, will be no more,” she says softly, looking up at him.

“And the one, from before, who possessed your body, who was she?”

She looks down, “The original host of this body, the Gadamrie, of this reality.”

He looks down at her, and smiles, as a tear runs down his face, “Even staring into the face of death, you still lie.”

“Eventually my love, all lies, become the tru…” she doesn’t get to finish her words, as he pulls his blaster free and plants a blast to the center of her head, her lifeless body topples over the edge, falling into the darkness of the shaft. He lets out a scream of frustration, driving a fist into the wall, then tosses his blaster into the shaft and slowly makes his way back up the ventilation duct, and out into the corridor, seconds later he is surrounded by Federation Soldiers.

“Take me to Quinn, tell him we need to talk,” he says as he holds his hands in the air.


To Be Concluded…

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