33 Days Until The End – Thirty-Three – Wrapped In Words

Like a spiders-web,

your trapped,

you can’t win this game,

you shouldn’t even try,

you see there’s thirty-three way out of here,

and every way,

you die,

how do I know?

it’s just a gift,

that’s what I say anyway,

but I’ll tell you the truth,

if I must,

I spike your drink yesterday,

it’s an interesting cocktail,

that I made you drink,

a bit of this and that,

but the really cool things,

are what you’ll do,

once it starts eating away on your insides,

first your stomaching,

it will explode,

and then so will your heart,

and finally,

so will your head,

but don’t worry dear,

you’ll long be dead,

before the exploding of your head,

because as you know,

you’re heart,

it’s the second thing to go.

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