A Glimpse, Into Tomorrow

The room was dim, only lit by the light of the computer screen and the burning embers of his cigarette. His fingers move quickly over the keyboard, as the words drift from the depths of his imagination, or, from another’s.

“You know what happens next,” a voice says from the darkness.

“I know, you told me this part, I know it better than you,” he replies quickly, nervously taking a drag on the cigarette.

“It’s important, the words must be correct, no holes, no mistakes, it must be as I said,” the voice hisses.

“I know alright, a billion times, every time, I know what happens, okay!” He barks back, looking over his shoulder into the shadows that shroud the room.

“Remember your place child, for you live because I have need of it.”

“Without me you’re nothing, so don’t try threats. I’ve agreed with your game, I know what I have to do, you get everything you want and I get my life back, better than it was, no bullshit plot twist, no screwing me over. I get it all back, how it was before you ever entered my life!” He says.

“When I have him, when I have fathers sin, you will have what was promised, now type, write my words, and together, let us burn this world!”

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