You know me,

you do,

can you fell me seep in,


am I ripping my way in?

and all you ask,

is why,

why do I do these things to you,

it’s simple child,

I do it for you,

for your seed,

for your sin,

I smell it within,

all that you are,

I smell it,

your sin,

for I was at it’s birth,

I saw it be joined,

how beautiful it was,

but you perverted it,

misused it,

squandered your gift,

so it punished your deeds,

with the creation of death,

but it left you your sin,

it left you the seed,

a seed not deserved nor earned,

so I’ll take it,

your sin,

and then I’ll take you within,

down to my world,

down into my darkness.

One Reply to “7”

  1. I Know You – Henry Rollins

    I know you
    You were too short
    You had bad skin
    You couldn’t talk to them very well
    Words didn’t seem to work
    They lied when they came out of your mouth

    You tried so hard to understand them
    You wanted to be part of what was happening
    You saw them having fun
    And it seemed like such a mystery
    Almost magic

    Made you think that there was something wrong with you
    You’d look in the mirror and try to find it
    You thought that you were ugly
    And that everyone was looking at you
    So you learned to be invisible
    To look down
    To avoid conversation

    The hours, days, weekends
    Ah, the weekend nights alone
    Where were you?
    In the basement?
    In the attic?
    In your room?
    Working some job – just to have something to do.
    Just to have a place to put yourself
    Just to have a way to get away from them
    A chance to get away from the ones that made you feel
    So strange and ill at ease inside yourself

    Did you ever get invited to one of their parties?
    You sat and wondered if you would go or not
    For hours you imagined the scenarios that might transpire
    They would laugh at you
    If you would know what to do
    If you’d have the right things on
    If they would notice that you came from a different planet

    Did you get all brave in your thoughts?
    Like you going to be able to go in there and deal with it
    And have a great time.
    Did you think that you might be the life of the party?
    That all these people were gonna talk to you and you
    Would find out that you were wrong?
    That you had a lot of friends and you weren’t so
    Strange after all?

    Did you end up going?
    Did they mess with you?
    Did they single you out?
    Did you find out that you were invited because they
    Thought you were so weird?

    Yeah, I think I know you
    You spent a lot of time full of hate
    A hate that was pure sunshine
    A hate that saw for miles
    A hate that kept you up at night
    A hate that filled your every waking moment
    A hate that carried you for a long time
    Yes, I think I know you
    You couldn’t figure out what they saw in the way they lived

    Home was not home
    Your room was home
    A corner was home
    The place they weren’t, that was home
    I know you
    You’re sensitive and you hide it because you fear
    Getting stepped on one more time
    It seems that when you show a part of yourself that is
    The least bit vulnerable someone takes advantage of you
    One of them steps on you

    They mistake kindliness for weakness
    But you know the difference
    You’ve been the brunt of their weakness for years
    And strength is something you know a bit about because
    You had to be strong to keep yourself alive

    You know yourself very well now
    And you don’t trust people
    You know them too well

    You try to find that special person
    Someone you can be with
    Someone you can touch
    Someone you can talk to
    Someone you don’t feel so strange around
    And you find that they don’t really exist
    You feel closer to people on movie screens

    Yeah, I think I know you
    You spend a lot of time daydreaming
    And people have made comment to that effect
    Telling you that you’re self involved, and self centered
    But they don’t know, do they?
    About the long night shifts alone
    About the years of keeping yourself company
    All the nights you wrapped your arms around yourself
    So you could imagine someone holding you
    The hours of indecision, self doubt
    The intense depression
    The blinding hate
    The rage that made you stagger
    The devastation of rejection

    Well, maybe they do know
    But if they do, they sure do a good job of hiding it
    It astounds you how they can be so smooth
    How they seem to pass through life as if life itself
    Was some divine gift
    And it infuriates you to watch yourself with your
    Apparent skill at finding every way possible to screw it up

    For you life is a long trip
    Terrifying and wonderful
    Birds sing to you at night
    The rain and the sun the changing seasons are true friends
    Solitude is a hard won ally, faithful and patient
    Yeah, I think I know you


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