Daily Grind – Subliminal Messages

In my delusional state early this morning I heard it, at first, I thought it was in my head, just another voice added to the whispers that already inhabit my sleep deprived brain. But then I saw her, silhouetted against the couch, she wasn’t really there, I knew that straight away, but, it still didn’t seem any less real.

She was crying, I stood in the doorway for ages, half aware, half wishing for sleep, I knew who she was, but, I didn’t know how she could be here.

Finally, I called her name, softly at first, then loudly, the crying stopped  and she looked at me, white, piercing eyes, digging into my very being. Then she scream why, over and over again, I was pulled back into reality, well, whatever you call this anyway, as she leapt off the couch and came at me, I ran, screaming, the front door wouldn’t open, and she came at me, digging her cold, frozen fingers into my skin.

I screamed, as she continued to demand an answer, I don’t know how long we were locked there, but suddenly she was gone, and I was left whimpering on the floor. I convinced myself it was just my over active imagination, although the burn marks on my back, in the shape of hands say differently.

God, how long can I go without sleep, how long until I finally lose what’s left of my mind? Not to mention my body itself, everything hurts, teeth are falling out, my skin is drying out, breaking off, revealing something dark underneath, whatever’s going on inside, it’s effecting me in ways I never thought possible, I just need sleep, somehow, I just, needs sleep.

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