Hello From The Fireplace – Short Story

“The suffocation I feel is painfully uncomfortable, why do you wish to know more? Isn’t that enough?”
“Nothing is enough when there is true desire within all we are. I want to taste everything you are and know that even in the deep dark places where the salt forms within you that I know of what you are, and in that I will know the truth of what is and what is not. Breathe upon me and let us both know we are what we are. Sinner or angel, liar or thief, give me what I desire and together we will be complete,” Raquiox says as he steps out into the light of the candle and smiles.
“You are not of this plane, why do you desire such things?”
“It matters little for me to know what is and what is not, what matters is what was and can be. Do not desire what you can only dream to understand, desire what you can feel with your own two hands. Then we can all sit together, and know there are no lies between us.”
He laughs sarcastically, “As always, you avoid the question by answering it with one of your fucking riddles. Why don’t you riddle this right up your arse, because I’m sick of it! Why can’t you speak words that make sense instead of insane dribble!”
He leans forward, causing the candle to flicker wildly and cast animated shadows of debortuary and sin across the rooms walls. “Because I’m the devil, and I can,” Raquiox says with a wry, evil smile.

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