The Endless Snake – Short Story

David takes a long agonising breath and smiles weakly before looking up into Samantha’s narrowing eyes. “It was what it was, wasn’t it?” He says.
“If you mean nothing, yes it was. A means to an end you might say, for the road to vengeance drags all manner of beasts within, some guilty others innocent, the serpent of infinity feeds itself upon this,” she replies, her face now void of emotion.
“The infinity serpent? I knew you were unhinged when we first met, but I never took you for a rune devotee,” he says as he coughs up a mouthful of blood.
“We are one with all, we seek to enlighten those who are not. Unfortunately for you our path have crossed in such a way where your death serves an important purpose for our path of vengeance. Maybe had that not been the road we met upon, you could’ve joined us in our journey through nirvana.”
“Honey no matter how we met I still would gift you with the same reply. Fuck off!”
She smiles and uncrosses her legs as she get up from the chair. “How crude a remark, yet fitting for how far you must fall. When Sylvia finds you, it will crush her. Her life will spin violently downward as she tries to make peace with what your death means not only to her, but what it means to her world as s whole. It will be simply marvelous, and then I will swoop in when her world seems at its darkest, offering her a way back into the light.”
“W-W-What the fuck are you talking an-ab-about?” He stutters weakly.
“Infinity my dear sweet man, the endless journey of an ending that leads into the next, and the next after that. One death that begins the downfall of another, that then cross into another. Like you my silly fool,” she says looking down at David with an evil grin upon her face. “When Justin died and you discovered his body you lost focus, your life lost meaning and you tried to find something to give it that which you believed it needed. But there was nothing that could replace what was lost, what you had seen for the snake had bitten you, like it has now bitten Sylvia. Endless, and into infinity.”

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