Silently The Pot Stirs – Short Story

As Davis falls to the floor she twisted around and drives the knifes blade into Fillmore’s chest. For endless moments they stand there, locked in a loop of nothingness as their souls almost touch, and then they part as he tumbles to the ground lifeless.
“Armatures,” she hisses under her breath.
“You may call them that, but I like to call them a distraction,” a deep dry voice says from behind her seconds before she feels the barrel of a revolver press against the back of her head.
“I should’ve know. They didn’t seem like they were trying.”
“your modesty sickens me Samantha. These fools tried their best believe me, you are just that good. Of course I trained you to be what you are, so there shouldn’t be any doubts about your skills.”
“You haven’t changed.”
“None of us do my dear, we just weave our way through existence in the hope to one day find something more or less of what we desire to find in the unsettling finite of today and tomorrow.”
“I forgot how endless your droning can be. Is there a reason you have reached out to me in this manner?” She says as her eyes search the room in front of her for something to give her an advantage.
“What make you think I want anything from you?”
“You lead me to this location on false pretenses, have a couple of amateur nobody’s act as a random plot device to throw me off guard and then put a gun to my head. If you wanted nothing it would’ve been a bullet, not the gun. That’s what tells me you want something.”
He allows himself to smile. “You are by far my favorite of all I have shaped. Regardless of the time that has passed since we last stood together in a room, you still see through what is and look for what can be.”
“Just tell me what you want, so we can put an end to this.”
“I need you to find out who killed me,” he whispers in her ear. She leaps up with a gasp, sweat dripping from her body, and her heart almost beating out of her chest. She looks around the silent room, searching the darkness, before slowly lowering herself onto the bed once again as she stares silently at the roof.
“I’ve got to stop eating bananas before bed,” she says softly to herself.

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