Castrate Your Words – Short Story

“I’m telling you it is the Dagger of Kanthar, it even has a crack along the bone handle that is mentioned in the Arous tablet and there is only a select few who know of the tablets existence. So in answer to your question, yes it is real and yes I will use it if you force my hand,” Amniet says as she tightens her grip on the bone handle of the blade.
“Child please, the demons inside the blade are corrupting you. Lay the vile thing on the ground and be at peace with us all.”
“How I love your optimism, but it is ill advised. Tomorrow is bathed in the blood of today Farrow, as is your forever child,” she says, locked her lips as a demented smile creep upon her face. Farrow’s eyes grow wide with surprise, and she can see the fear.
“You didn’t know I knew, did you?”
“I-I-I, I have no idea what you’re talking about, release the girl and be gone foul odors of past vile fiends!”
She laughs a wildly erratic slather of insanity, before twisting her head to the side and allowing her eyes to cross in the middle before slowly, and separately coming to rest upon him. “Be gone foul odors of past vile fiends? Are you auditioning for and episode of some game show where you have to find many different words that mean almost the same thing, or are you just a wordsmith member of the over achievers club?”
“You will STOP THIS!” Farrow screams out as he holds his hands a now glowing amulet into the air. “YOU WILL RELEASE HER, AND THEN YOU WILL CRAWL BACK TO WHEREVER YOU CAME!”
“No,” she says as she smiles a mouthful of dull grey teeth and flicks her tongue dramatically over them.
“Y-Y-You can’t deny the w….”
She cackles with laughter as her eyes sink into her head, and her skin decays in front of them. “I deny all who oppose my reign!” She bellows as she launches her attack.

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