Tribulations Of The Child – Short Story

The door swings open and he charges through swinging wildly with the axe.
“Show yourself, you slimy bastard!” He screams as his eyes dark around the darkened room.
“What makes you think someone of your caliber would be able to see the true me?” A voice hisses from the darkness.
“So full of yourself, aren’t you? It sickens me to think I once idolize all that you are. But no more will I be a thrall to your sickness, instead I will be a redeemer of the wickedness you have spread across the lands.”
“Idolized me?” The voice says with a cold rusty laugh. “Poor child, without you there would be no me. I am all you made me to be, no more, no less. Just because you now have a conscious, doesn’t mean I should. For if you had wished me to be ladened with such sorrowful depravity you would’ve done so.”
“LIAR! You are not my creation, I am yours!” He screams at the darkness.
“How proud a man you make of me father. For the prince of lies,” the voice says as the darkness around him is sucked together in the center of the room and slowly begins to take the form of a humanoid figure.
“Go back to hell!” He screams as he drives the axe into the figure, passing through it like it was smoke. Saliva sprays from his mouth as he lets out an exhausted breath through clenched teeth.
He leaps to his feet and grips the axes handle tightly then turns to surprisingly face himself.
“As I was saying, for if I am the prince of lies, then you my father are the king,”

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