Never Avoid Paying The Bill – Short Story

“It’s called, why don’t you get the fuck out of my face,” Hamish says as he glares at Devon with hate filled eyes.
Devon holds his hands in the air and laughs nervously. “I don’t see why you just couldn’t of said it was none of my business instead of being such a pig fucker. I only asked what it is, not where you were at six o’clock on the twelfth of February.”
“Why the fuck do you want to know about where I was on the twelfth of February?”
Devon rolls his eyes and let’s out a sigh. “I don’t, I was…”
“If you didn’t, you wouldn’t of asked,”’Hamish says as he leaps to his feet and slams Devon against the wall. “What the fuck is your angle?”
Hamish stares deathly into Devon’s eyes before relaxing his grip and taking several steps backwards.
“You’re playing some game, and once I find out why, I’ll skin you for it,” he says as he wipes the saliva from his mouth, his eyes catch the glistening brightness of the red liquid and they widen with fear. He looks up at the smiling Devon and feels the darkness below his feet pull him downwards. “W-W-What have you done?” He says weakly before he collapses silently to the ground.
“You? You did everything my dear boy, and it’s now time to pay the awaiting bill,” Devon says with a broad smile.

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