Pacifying His Word – Short Story

“Dare thee not what you cannot achieve, only do what you must see as a beginning surrounded by the end of something else. For this is what birth requires when the destiny of you and I are not what it seems. When the scriptures that we have been guided by all our lives are nothing but a deception ingrained in the very existence of forever by a simplistic notion such as belief that stems from words written in stone and buried beneath the feet of those who possess and believe its rubbish,” Tyler says venomously as he looks around the room, catching the fear in all their eyes and allows a smile to escape his lips.

“Fear what tomorrow may bring my succulent children. Fear the commitment you make on this day. Fear the lies we all sow within each moment we draw breath. For when the end comes, and your strength will be call upon you must be ready or the ending fate of the red sun will collapse around in a ball of obliteration!”

“SHAME ON YOU!” A voice calls out from the back of the group, as eyes dart backwards the crowd parts to reveal a woman in her mid to late eighties hunched over, holding herself up by a metal walking frame.

“I’m sorry you old hag, but what makes you think your option matters here in MY house?” He says with a nervous smile.

“Your house! This ain’t YOUR house boy. This is the house of someone far greater than you. This is the house of someone who makes you look as small as a microscopic shit eating flea, and you should value my opinion for it is an opinion bathed in the light of the one true lord and savior you and all your demented flock should be following.”

He feels his heart jump in his chest and a trembling spreads from the center of his core to every corner of who his is, and then he falls to the ground lifeless.

“Does anyone else want to pretend to be, all they can be?” The old woman says with an evil glimmer in her eyes.

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