For My Flock Giveth To Me – Short Story

“I have ventured through the winds of what was to stand here with you and make this ours to behold. What right do you have to dare take that away from me!” Sauviant growls through clenched teeth.

He smiles broadly, and placed an open hand on the table. “When the dawn broke on the third day of this year something wonderful took place. For those without true eyes, they did not notice for they hardly notice the passing of time, let alone the passing of it which created all things. Through paths intertwined with the paths of others, a journey was forged in the nothingness of what tomorrow could be. As I stand here before I shed skins of other moments, skins of other worlds that being such as you have never seen I ask words filled with importance. I ask questioned racked with guilt an servitude. I ask that you, but one man, one human man what have you to give but nothing back to everything, and I find the answer is silence.”

“I-I-I, I feel no evil. I fear no doubts of my sworn abilities soaked in the wonderful light of the blood of those who gave their lives so I could see through the clouds of reality. I am more than man. I am more than a god. I am a beginning and the ending. I am the serpent of infinity, so heed my words and fear me!” 

His eyes glow with volatile colours tinted with bright reds and fiery oranges. “You dare claim these things. You dare chastise me! You dare speak words as though you really have some sort of power over me or this moment. Let me show you,” He hisses, as the room folds in on itself and  Sauviant finds himself staring into his own blank dead eyes, maggots tumble from his mouth while a million flies buzz wildly feeding on his rotten flesh. He feels a hand powerfully fall on his shoulder as he’s pulled back into his pitiful throne room.

“Now tell me again how you are all and everything?” He says with a wickedly evil laugh as   Sauviant stares at him silently, as a puddle of urine forms beneath him.

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