For No Reward – Short Story

He digs the blade in up to its hilt and twists. “F-F-For no greater r-r-reward,” Victor stammers before falling to the ground motionless as a pool of blood quickly forms beneath him.

“Fool,” Cynthia hisses as she turns to Barron, who’s face is almost green with fear. “Grow up man, you’re only embarrassing yourself.”


“But WHAT?” She barks, raising an eyebrow in curiosity.

“H-H-He was a loyal soldier my lady, without fault or failure. He did not deserve such a unrewarding end. His death was to be on the field of battle, not by his own hands like a coward.”

“Are you disagreeing with the way I command my soldiers?”

“Of course not my lady, I would never openly disagree with the way you command those who serve you as I know it is not my place. And please, let me tell you how your thunderous display of power was breathtaking to witness, and all who bath in the wondrous seas of your kingdom need to see what can not only be theirs through hard work and loyalty, but what selfishness and deceit can also bring. All I am saying is he deserved the death he had earned for the deeds he had done for you. This, whatever it is brings no reward for any of us.”

Slowly her face softens and her eyebrow relaxes as she looks down at Victor’s motionless corpse. “You are right,” she says as she looks back towards Barron. “It is not your place,” she says as a smile creeps upon her face and she gently caresses Barron’s jaw line. “Now, claim your reward,” she says. A tear runs down Barron’s cheek as he pulls his sword free of it scabbard.

“For no greater r-r-reward,” he says as he drives the blade deep into his belly.

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