Fortune Does Smile Wickedly – Short Story

“There was a movement beneath that gave all my fears life as I realised that not only was I broken by the betrayal of my own disembodied self, but also for what I had knowingly done to those poor women,” he says, lowering his head in disgust as tears run down his face.

“Am I supposed to feel sorry for you?”

“Your kind does not understand how to feel SORRY for someone other than yourself, so spare me the display.”

“Funny, I was thinking the same t…” her words are cut short by a powerful slap across the face.

“Remember who holds the power here CHILD, and remember why we’ve found ourselves here in this moment. Fortune smiles on only one if us today, let salvation be your key to whatever awaits you on the other side.”

She spits a wad of saliva into his face, fissures of blood twist and turn its way within the clear liquid.

“Fortune smiles on the brave is a cowards excuse. You can’t even take the reality that you are the only one responsible for your delude lies. For the murders you claim are whispered in your ear from a god, is nothing more than a mental instability that you have long left untreated and as a result have ended up completely insane.”

He laughs loudly as he spins around in his chair, clapping his hands powerfully. “Bravo my dear. BRAVO! I was worried there would be little for us to talk about on this, your final night. But how you have brightened my expectations,” he says as he grips her hand and squeezes it tightly while she strains once more against the bindings that tie her to the chair.

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