Short Story

To Answer The Burning Question – Short Story

“A deteriorating turn of events has brought us all together, let’s not allow anything to grow worse. Take my hand and trust I gave only my all to this, and so did you,” Jasper says proudly.

Flynn rolls her eyes and let’s his words hang in the air for several agonising moments before finally smiling and clapping her hands together powerfully, as she stands up it becomes apparent that this was nothing more than a sarcastic gesture on her behalf. “Shall I polish your knob?” She says with a wry smile. “Or do you just wanna continue beating it off in front of us all?”

“I thought you of all people would understand and support the need for stability within our ranks. I thought you would t….”

“I thought you would’ve shriveled up and died in a corner somewhere deep dark and cold. But sadly you somehow remain in the land of the living while men and women far greater than you lie defeated, so we can’t get everything we want.”

“Fuck you!” He spits back, her smile widens.

“Oh my, did I hit a nerve?”

“My nerves are far harder to decay than you presumably think. Your words only incited a single cuss word as backlash and nothing more!”

“Your lips say one thing while your eyes say something entirely the opposite. There is no shame in admitting I hurt your feelings,” she says with a wry smile. It takes him a second to snap her neck, several more to incite pandemonium, and a handful more to bring silence to the room.

“Well what do you know, total annihilation was worth the enjoyment of killing them all.”  

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