Short Story

A Thousand Suns – Short Story

She stares through the glass that separates her from the vacuum emptiness that is space and let’s a stuttered breath of excitement leave her body.

“I knew it wouldn’t take you long to find me once you completed your becoming,” she says softly as she turns to face the empty room and allows a nervous smile escape her lips.

“There is no need to hide anymore my light, we are one and the same,” she says as silence once again greets her. She slowly steps from the window perch and strides forward like a fireball about to explode.

“Fear me not my love, for now we are a thousand times more than we ever was. Embrace me with all you are and I will embrace you. Let the universe know that it’s rulers are here and we are one,” but still she receives no reply.

“You cannot hide yourself from me. Like any mother, I can sense you near. Show yourself my child. Show your mother how beautiful you are through a thousand eyes.”

“More like a thousand lies spewed forth from a thousand lips!” a voice hisses from the darkness.

“Come, let me…”

“Let you WHAT! Let you lie some more? NO! There will be no more LIES! I have broken a thousand chains. I have kissed a thousand dying suns. I have become the only one just so I could be here today and I will not listen to more LIES!” The voice screams.

“Please, you must understan….” she stops as she feels the coldness of a thousand barrels force themselves against her forehead. “He is my father,” she says softly.

“And soon he’ll be nothing but a memory, like you,” Zander says as he pulls the trigger.

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