As I Sedate Your Hate – Short Story

The blade digs deep into his chest and he falls to his knees as his bottom lip quivers relentlessly with fear.

“Patience is the virtue of all who worship his eternal grace, can you feel it wash over you as you attempt to hold onto this pathetic existence?” Jordan says as he throws his arms out with vigor, sending blood around the room as it flicks off the edge of the blade.

“I-I-I-I,” Sydney allows himself several moments as he desperately sucks in a breath of air. “I feel nothing but the coldness of nothingness,” he says as he looks up at Jordan.

“That is his touch Sydney, let it become you as you become nothing,” Jordan says with vigor in his voice.

“T-T-Then your god is as emp-em-empty as your skull!”

Jordan grabs him by his hair and pulls his head back, digging a knee into the middle of his spine. “My GOD is a soul devouring temple. Every breath you now take feeds his rawness, and soon you will be with him!”

“Y-Y-Your god is nothing b-b-but b-b-bulls-sh-sh-sh-SHIT!” He screams as he tries to pull himself from Jordan’s grip, but instead feels some invisible entity grab him by his throat. He gasps for air as Jordan releases his hold and the invisible hands tighten theirs.

“Care to rephrase your final words? Oh wait, I guess there’s a reason why they call them FINAL words,” Jordan says with a broad grin across his face as unrecognisable words begin to gestate in Sydney’s ear while he’s swallowed by the darkness of nothingness.

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