For He Who Dares The Truth – Short Story

“Do you think your apology is worthy of my forgiveness Blake?” Oliver hisses as he runs his hands across the top of the desk, leaving a trail through the dust behind them.

“I-I-It was honest, s-s-shouldn’t that be enough?”

“HONESTY is overrated,” he replies as he flicks his fingers from the side of the desk and spins to face him, allowing a smile to quickly spread across his face then disappear again. “Everyone today believes the truth will set you free, which is a load of shit. The truth shouldn’t be used as an excuse, it should be what is and that is all. You all do it, twisting everything to meet your selfish demands then when that isn’t possible you spit in the face of it all and claim it was the truth regardless of if in fact it was. I care not for honesty, but only for fact. I care not for what you can manipulate out of another with your words, but for what you can show me with force and a fist of iron. Show me these things and then maybe I will respect what you have to say,” he says smiling once more, this time showing a mouthful of dirty rotten teeth.

“Y-Y-You misunderstand my reasons, I-I-I…” Oliver grabs Blake by the face and squeezes.

“I DO NOT MISUNDERSTAND ANYTHING CHILD! IT IS YOU WHO MISUNDERSTAND NOT I!” He yells thrusting Blake backwards who smiles a wry smug smile.

“What are you so smug about?” Oliver growls as he tightens his hands into fists, readying them to strike.

“I’m smug about how FUCKING perfect you think you are. I’m smug about HOW you think YOU’RE the be all and end all of everything that is, when in fact you’re nothing but a memory of what was, an artifact of the past like the dinosaurs were before you.”

“HOW DARE YOU!” Oliver screams.

“HOW DARE YOU!” Blake screams back as he lunges forward, breaking free of his chains as if they were nothing. The impact is like a crack of thunder as the two go crashing to the ground, and as Blake digs a knee into Oliver’s throat he let’s out a hiss of aggression. “Don’t let my honesty upset you, for it is the least of your worries tonight…..”

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