Embrace Who You Have Been, Tomorrow – Short Story

“I was once like you,”’he says while taking a sip of the hot tea. “Nothing could come fast enough, the world could not pay me what it owed me. But then she happened and it all changed,” he says with a soft smile.

“Who was she?” Carter asks.

“The love of my life.”

Carter laughs loudly, “Bullshit! I can’t see any world where someone could love you.”

He looks silently over at him and smiles, “I didn’t say I was the love of her life, I said she was the love of mine,” he says as he take a long deep drag on his pipe. “Just because you judge me for what you see now, does not always mean I have been this thing you see before you. Once I was a child of the light, wanting to be something more than I became. Remember the light that once burned inside your own form? Remember how it felt? Remember how much you wanted it to be all you ever knew?” He stop and take another sip of his tea, before tightly packing the cone of his pipe with various dried substances and places the pipe  to his lips, as he flicks his lighter to life he looks across the flame and over towards Carter. “Or are all these things lost to you?”

“I remember every moment of every feeling I ever had before I first laid my eyes upon you and your spastic cult, so enough with the belittling treatment it’s unbecoming,” Carter says as he thrusts himself to his feet. “Just tell me why you asked me to join you tonight, and then I’ll take my leave of y….”

“I never asked you here to piss in the wind, I asked you here to see the future,” he says as Carter feels an invisible presence grip him tightly by the wrists and force him back into his seat.

“W-W-Wha….” Carter finds no more breath to finish his words as the invisible hand grips him around his throat.

“The future my dear Carter, and may we all be as lucky as you are when death comes for us as it has for you,” he says as the darkness grips Carter’s soul and pulls him into its cold embrace.

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