Short Story

Withered Shadows Reflect Your Sin – Short Story

The lights bleeds into the darkness, jumping from one post to the next. He grips the dog lead tightly and pulls his dog Abby along quickly, keeping his eyes focused on the footpath ahead. The music blares in his ears, sedating the nervousness but not curing it. His eyes shoot towards the dimly lit screen of his phone as his mind begins to construct fevered images that take life through his fingers before him.

Abby pulls away awkwardly several times before he shifts his focus from the phone and back to the path in front of him. He stops and stares as the shadows scattered across the ground beneath him move as if they were alive.

He feels the sweat seep from beneath his flesh and escape the confines of his body, running freely down his brow.

“Hello father,” a deep scratchy voice hisses somewhere behind him, he smells the decaying flesh around the same time as he feels the coldness of its dead breath on the back of his neck.


“Does it really matter how? The sun rises each morning and sets each night, we don’t understand how or care to truly know why, all that matters is that it does. That is all and everything.”

“B-But we stopped you, we ended everything you were. You can’t still be.”

“But here I am, and so are you,” it says as Marty pulls the door open and Abby runs out into the hallway.

“Oh god, it’s been happening the whole time hasn’t it?” Gareth says.

“Gareth, I-I-I… FUCK!” Marty says as stands there in silence for a few moments before he presses a hand against his forehead and closes his eyes. “You already said it, but I guess you didn’t really want to admit it, word for word,” he says as he takes a deep breath and waits, Abby barks furiously then lets out a yelp, followed by silence and he takes a step forward.

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