Burn The Wave Length – Short Story

He sits staring at the computer screen half a daze by the deep low-level vibration that hums its way through his semi aware frame. A high-pitched squeal perpetuates his ear drums like colorful explosions given life by his subdued mind. He grabs the small hand-held walkie-talkie from the desk beside him and takes a deep breath as he presses down on the talk button.

“H-H-Hello?” He stutters into the mouthpiece before releasing the button and stares at the walkie-talkies speaker as he slowly places it gently back down on the desk. He shoves fingers into his mouth and begins tearing at the flesh around each fingernail greedily like a child who had not been fed for several days.

“Is that you Stevie?” A voice asks softly, his eyes grow wide with excitement.

He grabs the walkie-talkie as he leaps to his feet and presses it against his mouth.

“I-I-It’s me,” he replies nervously.

“Is it really you?”

“Y-Y-Yeah, I can’t believe y-you remembered,” he replies as he squeezes his free hand into a fist.

“I have to be honest, I almost didn’t. It was like a cloud invade part of my brain and settled over memories, erasing them before moving onto the next. If it hadn’t been for this old walkie-talkie I’d’ve probably forgotten like everyone else.”

Stevie smiles as his eyes well up with tears, “I-I, I’d thought you had for a while,” Stevie says with a laugh.

“Thank goodness we we’re both wrong.”

“Yeah,” Stevie replies as he wipes the tears away with his sleeve and sits back down at his desk. “H-How is everyone?”

“They’re good, Susan misses you even though she doesn’t remember you. But that was always going to be the case, she never really knew what to do when you weren’t around and even without you in her memories, she still carries you around in her heart.”

”Yeah,” Stevie says as his bottom lip trembles. “I-I-I, I miss her too, can you tell her that.”

For a few moments there is no reply and Stevie begins to panic, “H-Hello?” He asks.

“I’m still here Stevie, and you know I can’t tell her, don’t you? You know no one will believe me, you know they’ll all think I’m losing my shit.”

“I know,” Stevie says softly as he looks across the room and out into the vast nothingness that exists beyond the floor boards that lay beneath his feet. “I kinda don’t believe any of this myself, but yet here I am.”

“Have you figured out where here is?”

Stevie looks back at the computer screen and then places the walkie-talkie slowly to his lips as he takes a gulp of air before pressing the talk button.

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