Sanctified Exterior Flashing Sold Here, Custom Made For Single Use – Wrapped In Words

My ending was not done to be dramatic for you all,

it was done out of respite and fear of what was slowly crawling down my gullet,

the inner self bent to disrupt all I thought I was,

all I lied to be,

the wickedly woven misinformed beasts that hovered in the love of temperance,

skewed their hatful mannerisms inside my broken form and gave me animated independence,

but it was a lackluster lie hidden in plain sight of us all,

my sanctimonious bullshit did not cleanse what I had because,

what I had done while hidden inside my own skin,

I was all and everything,

the sun and moon shining ever so pale upon the red roses as they died,

my sanctified reality,

served up on cold toppings of bitterness and self loathing,

purify yourself,

for I am stained,

I am awoken…

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