The Betrayer And The King – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

….“I-I, I know nothing of this promise, or of you, so why don’t you care less for things of flight or fancy, and worry more about the hand I will strike you down with!” he snarls as the room vibrates with a raw energy as his hair glows with a thousand bolts a electricity while he gently levitates into the air. “I have killed many a soul in my time, some deserving of my hand, others not, but it is not up to me to discriminate who or who’s shall not suffer below me!” he fires as the air around him goes silently still and ice cold, then explodes with a pulsating river of energy exploding from within, decimating everything before him. Several long drawn out seconds pass, then the pulsating stops and he gently floats back to the ground with a broad smile across his face as he looks over the barren earth that has been cut around him for the next fifty meters or so.

“Unto thy end whelp,” he hisses proudly with a curl of his lips. The blade tears through chest and pulls him high into the air…..

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