A Point Of The Pointless – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

….“I said whatever, isn’t that enough for you to leave me be?” Fletcher spits venomously, casting a sullen look at Tobias.

“If it was enough, would we both still be sitting here having this discussion, or would we be elsewhere, doing things that actually matter to the world around us?”

“THERE!” he roars with pointed finger as he thrust it forward, as if he was pointing the perpetrator of a crime out of a line-up. “THERE IT IS! THE POINTLESS POINT!”

“What is where?” Tobias ask with a furrowed brow and an upturned lip.

“The point, the FUCKING pointless point that you’re making right FUCKING now! The insignificant point that seems totally unparalleled and separated from the words you use to answer my FUCKING question!” he snaps with an overly saturated palate that freely disperses a fine spray across a few arching feet before him. “Either you don’t care how big a deal you make over the insignificant things, or you just like to overreact about everything regardless of size and shape, as if you were some brazen game show host paid to craft awkward moments for some piss-weak hidden camera show!” he says with a frustrated smile painted across his lips…..

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