For Journey We Strive – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

….He feels the sand cut into his already torn flesh, and hisses with the pain as it burns through him. He casts a fevered glance towards Thomas and lets a stuttered snarl escape before taking another laboured step forward.

“Your people have such a rich history of surviving the elements, be it rain, hail, or the blistering sun, do you think they would be proud as punch of their sacrifices if all their battles were rewarded with the likes of you?” Thomas ask with a broad grin upon his dry cracked lips.

“My people fought, like I still fight. You talk with a mouth open, but the sounds that emit from the void in your chest is anything but sense filled. Why don’t you do something worthy and fulfil your promise instead of dragging me through the arse end of the world.”

Thomas stops and arches his head towards the sky before letting out a cry that reaches far beyond the heavens. “You will not savour dessert if you cannot eat your peas child, that is what I was taught, and that is what we will do…..”

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