A Sea Of Reflections – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

….He stares at his reflection in a silent oasis of nothingness, then as if prompted by a gesture unseen or heard, his nose screws up, his lips curl and his brow furrows. “I said look at YOU! Look at how much you FUCKING SUCK, you WORTHLESS piece of SHIT!” he seethes venomously through lips wet with rage, before spiting a wad of saliva across the glass.

“WHAT, ARE YOU FUCKING DEAF!” he roars as he drives his forehead into the mirror, shattering the reflective surface into a dozen or more shards. For a few countless seconds he holds his head in the carnage, before he pulls aways, and a thick stream of blood runs down his forehead before cascading off his chin like a waterfall.

“DO I NEED TO BREAK YOU! WILL THAT TEACH YOU TO BE WORTHY OF MY TIME!” he roars through saliva drenched lips, as he arches his head back before driving it into the shattered glass once again. He sucks in several deep breaths while tightening his grip on the basin as he leans into the mirror. “Y-Y-You piece of S-SHIT! Y-Y-You cowardly p-piece of SHIT!” he stammers through clenched teeth as he pulls himself ways from the mirror once more. Shards of glass drop into the sink and to the floor, while other pieces find themselves lodged haphazardly in his torn flesh. He stares at his distorted bloody reflection with a look of disgust across his face.

“L-Look at yourself! L-Look at y-yourself a-and t-tell me i-it’s going t-to be o-okay! T-Tell me y-you’re going t-to be okay? T-T-Tell me w-w-were going t-to make i-it out of THIS SHIT HOLE!” he hisses with stuttered poise before curling his lips and spitting at his reflection again. “T-T-TELL ME YOU BASTARD! TELL ME WHAT I WANT TO HEAR!” he roars as he drives his skull once more into the glass, then drops to the floor in a silent heap.

Seconds span into minutes while he lies there as a sea of red grows beneath him, sending splintered images across the multitude of reflections until all that fills the room is a rage quenched, yet unfulfilled.

His eyes flicker open, and he lets out a cry void of noise. He gasps for air like a fish would water, but no matter how desperately he tries, he cannot. As the sweat pours from his flesh, he pulls himself to his feet and gazes uneasily at his reflection.

“Y-Y-You b-bastard, are you s-still here? A-A-Are you still hiding in plain sight?” he stammers as he clutches the blood glazed basin and searches through the countless reflections until he finds one unblemished by the toils of today.

“T-T-There you are!” he hisses as a smile widens across his bloody lips. “I SEE YOU! I SEE Y…” But his words are cut from his lips as a banging erupts from the door to his left, with frantic eyes he looks over to the door, then back to his reflection and tightens his grip on the sink.

“Y-Y-YOU C-C-CAN…” His words come to a stop again as the banging continues relentlessly, until finally he pulls the door open and finds himself staring into a dozen or more variations of himself, all holding pieces of paper out towards him. Their words muffled and mangled as they twist and turn into each other’s.

“STOP THIS! STOP THIS FOR GOD’S SAKE!” he roars as he grabs the papers and starts throwing punches left and right into the faces of his doppelgangers, each time he hits one, another rises, and then another, and another, until he is swallowed by the unrelenting sea that is himself…..

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