Revelations Within The Apocalypse – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

….He looks uncomfortably back to the sea of dead cars that litter the road before them, and bites down on his bottom lip.

“What’s wrong Stewie, y-you know I didn’t mean anything by it, right? I-I-I, I would’ve died a long time ago if it w-wasn’t for you, y-you know that, don’t you?”

He turns to her with tears in his eyes, nodding his head quickly. “T-The same here honey, y-you save me f-from myself.”

“Then what is it?” she says with a playful punch of his arm. “What’s got you all teary eyed?”

“W-We’d met before all this h-happened, before the world went to shit,” he says softly as he closes his eyes and falls back in his seat with a long winded sigh.

She laughs softly as her brow scrunches up and her lip twitches erratically. “T-That’s BULLSHIT, a-and you know IT! I’d never laid eyes on you before six weeks ago, so w-whatever make bel…”

“Mrs Fentmore was you’re second grade teacher, and you sat with Lilly Watkings, and Dally Polcheckl.” he says quickly.

She sits there for several moments, as her brow deepens. “B-B-BULLSHIT!”

“I-It’s all true, I-I, I swear!” he stammers.

“W-W-Was t-that it? W-Was that the only class?”

He shakes his head softly, “I-I-I, I was in your class all through grade s-school….”

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